Monday, March 17, 2008

indian food for astronauts ...

last week i learned that i really like asparagus, and that either i take great photos of food or the food at the new scenic is very photogenic. we started watching "the wire" which means that this summer i'll probably want to vacation in baltimore.

"unwritten," by natasha bedingfield: what if i put this is a 4 minute, 15 second reminder of "the hills" alone on a cd and had it always playing in my car. and then what if my car was like a sound-proof chamber. i would mark my arrival with a waft of this song as i opened the car door and took one ginger recycleable shoed step to the curb, quickly muting it as the door closed. then, what if whenever i walked into a room, this song would announce my arrival. this is not the first song i've wondered this about.

"run," by gnarls barkley: as soon as i heard that this video was banned from mtv and other places because apparently it causes seizures, i had to see it. it's important to know if you are the sort of person who needs to keep a thick leather wallet handy in case of sudden convulsions. going into the viewing, i kind of felt like i was in "the ring." i escaped with slight dizziness. i think the black and white retro swirls hypnotized me into liking the song. it has good beats per second, so i added it to my running mix.

schell pilsner: through brew52, i'm learning that the first sip is always painful, but after four sips i'll drink any genre of beer.

finnegans irish amber: ... and here is where i practice the art of nonprocrastination and try next week's beer in the same sitting. this tastes like a potato famine, freckles, and leprechauns. i wish it was green.

archer farms curry baked potato crisps: after last week's romance with archer farms' wasabi mustard potato chips, whiskey marie suggested these. i feel like these delicious crisps are what the astronauts eat when they want indian food. it was a strange phenomenon, having my hands smell like curry yet nary the digestive rumble of having recently eaten a saag, paneer or aloo anything. these are good, my friends. not to mention that i like a snack where if you accidentally consume an entire bag, you haven't blown your caloric wad over the course of a single episode of anything.

new scenic cafe: with any luck, i will get my first hot flash at this restaurant. it is the area's most estrogen-rich place to eat in the area. the local art on the walls, the fondue forks, the way a woman's swath of grey hair looks like wind. wine, book clubs, wild rice soup. small press poetry chapbooks and fresh berries. i love this restaurant.

i'm always in a panic when i look at the menu. instead of 2 items i'm toggling between about nine. i don't get here often enough and so i definitely want the tempeh reuben my favorite of favorites, but i should try the butternut squash ravioli because i've heard such great things ...

first we had the tallegio fondue, with a mix of -- i'd say three different breads for dipping. my favorite was a cranberry nut bread, but there was also a garlic bread.

chuck had grilled quail: whiskey fennel sausage, yams, medjool date cumin puree, stock, apricot, saffron glaze. he liked it, but said he was always aware that he was eating little birds. i like how it looks like a baby quail was sacrificed over a bed of yams, dripping saffron glaze from his little pores.

i had grilled egg and asparagus: gruyere, fried egg, frisée, butter, lemon basil aioli on grilled ciabatta. it was amazing. note to self: more meals featuring asaparagus.

damn i love this place.

for dessert we had tart with a base of cream cheese and topped with wild berries and whipped cream.

"plan b: further thoughts on faith," by anne lamott: short essays on anne lamott's life with each centered around her take on faith, which is a hodge podge of what she likes from different religions. as always, she is funny and messy and irreverant, but each story turns to give a sort of "afterschool special" style of resolution. and because they are essays, she gets a bit repetitive. at the barest level, she is saying: stop. breathe. think. be nice. have fun.

good morning america, tuesday: whoa does she look nervous. i see that tori has mastered the hybrid i was attempting, and has no qualms about wearing white after labor day. i think they said she is pregnant, but the only ripple of convex i see is in her round red mounds of cheeks. [maybe the fetus is incubating in her face?] here i am touting tori as the dona of hilarity, and she only got to say one funny thing: asked how she blew became $200,000 in debt, she mentions that she got a lot of cute sweaters. c'mon, tori! you can do better than that!

the view, tuesday: somehow, in walking across the hall at abc, tori changed into a fantastic dress and kicky shoes, dropped eight years from her face and has lightened up considerably. these view women are a tough crowd, though. they make that couch seem like a clucky, drunk, menopausal and judgy thanksgiving. they only attacked her once, with joy demanding that tori move out of LA. i bet it is getting boring, talking about her relationship with her mom this much. i should volunteer to do the second half of her book tour.

jimmy kimmel, friday: i'm going to say this interview packed the most punch. kimmel firing off questions like an auctioneer, and occasionally tori keeps up and gets in some quick wit. kimmel tries desperately to get her to reveal more than she wrote about and she shuts him down. she's good, that tori. guess we'll never know who andrea zuckerman hooked up with. on the other hand, he spends more time considering that her first kiss was with screech from 'saved by the bell' and doesn't go into the whole candy spelling nose-job story -- thankfully. i'm starting to think that tori needs at least a shot of tequila before she does any more interviews, fetus be damned.

"the wire," season one: holy crap. typically i give a new series four episodes leeway to work out characterization bugs and develop a sticky plot. this is completely unnecessary here. this took four minutes. each episode is this compressed wad of goodness and the characters are so well-drawn that even the most souless has some facet of likeability. once again, i'm having crippling panics if there are not at least five unseen episodes in the house.


Sproactually said...

Well, if for some reason your dead set on Baltimore for a vacation spot, be sure to visit the B&O museum.

And asparagus, like the one entry of yours about the "strong coffee pee", then you can blog about the "strong earthy asparagus pee" I love asparagus, we get it here fresh in early June for about 3 weeks.

That was some good looking food. Snot melt yet?

christina said...

it has melted to something gelatinous that is stuck in my throat.

Sproactually said...

oh crap, i meant snow!!!!!!!

Sorry... but hows the cold anyway?

christina said...

funny! i read it as "snow" and went to comment and then laughed because it said snot and i had to change my response.

annnnyway. it's snowing as we speak. and snotting.

Whiskeymarie said...

a) glad you liked the chips.

b) talleggio is stinky, but damn it melts nice.

c) now I want an asparagus & egg sandwich

d) The Wire is unbelievable. We've made it through 3 seasons so far on dvd. As soon as we finish Deadwood & the Sopranos, it's on to season 4. And Dominic West? Yum. Yum.