Monday, March 10, 2008

goo from a can of raviolios ...

last week i got my own car back from the fixers, ate mediocre chimichangas and remembered that if one's achilles tendons hurt, she should consider incorporating stretching into her workout. i sang along to "baby please don't go" by chicago and had a dream about tori spelling.

synergy, gingerberry: pretty bottle, demon drink. it has a very yeasty smell, and at room temperature tastes like dirty socks. i was a little worried about the warning on the label that, because it is fermented, it could contail .05 percent alcohol. so, much like o'douls, if you accidentally drink 25, you could probably get wasted. i'm kind of glad i don't like it because it costs more than naked juice.

brew52, lake superior special ale: i've always thought this beer tasted like fresh air.

mock green papaya salad, via vegetarian times: i spend thirty minutes grating green apples for this mix that included onions, lime juice, garlic, curry paste and soy sauce that sits atop watercress or arugula [or, in my case, mixed greens.] it tasted fine. nothing too hot. although, this version from recipezaar looks better, and i like the idea of eating it with chicken instead of just greens.

the new amsterdams, at the foot of my rival: this marks another shift in my music listening. this is a very college radio band, by the old definition of college radio. it reminds me a bit of the gear daddies. definitely of the two years i spent following martin zellar around southeastern minnesota. i like "silverlake" and "lost long shot." here is a pretty bad version of "story like a scar." this band came to me via 'one tree hill.'

dresden dolls: i've talked about this band before, but i've had another surge in fandom. as a person who could reasonably go the rest of her life without seeing another large venue, live show [i'd make an exception for prince], i hate to picture a world where i do not see this punk cabaret band perform. they are heavy on piano and fishnets, with creative quirky lyrics ala the smiths meet anais nin. favorites include: my alcoholic friends, and mandy goes to med school.

guadalajara, superior, wis.: my chicken chimichanga was meh, my seven dollar margarita was meh and the deep fried ice cream would have been good if it hadn't been stuffed in a cryogenic freezer during lincoln's presidency. but the bus ride was fun. and the guacamole was good. but really, i'd eat my arm if i was wearing avacado-flavored deoderant. i'm not sure what chuck had, but the only part he liked was the sauce, which he said tasted like the goo from a can of chef boyardee raviolios.

"super troopers" 2002: the first time i saw this movie it was 8 a.m. and i was on a bus with about 25 sleeping 20 year old boys and i had to squinch my mouth shut with hilarity tears so i didn't wake anyone. right meow, i can get through it with mere chuckles.

"my life without me," 2003: a poor man's 'beaches.' i failed to understand some of the dying 23-year-olds motives. like the thing with mark ruffalo? but if you're looking to involuntarily bleed snot ...

"the uses of enchantment" by heidi julavits: a high school field hockey player is either abducted or an abductor, when she disappears for a few weeks ala an older student from the school who faked her own abduction years earlier. the novel follows through storylines: what may or may not have happened in the time she was gone, present day when she returns home after the death of her mother, the notes of the doctor who develops a psychological theory based upon a loose version of the story the girl isn't so much telling, as inferring.

unfortunately, i spent a lot of time with no idea what the hell was going on, toeing the fine line between eagerness at learning more, and annoyance because i couldn't learn more fast enough. whatever. i gave it three stars. i'm willing to give this writer another shot because of her ties to the incestuous, albeit intreguing, dave eggers literary posse.

"story telling" by tori spelling: like you, i hated donna martin for the first few seasons of 90210. mostly because she has really weird cleavage, and no one ever talked about it. picture a cutout area the shape of a squash, with its round bottom sitting on her chest. tori spelling's cleavage. this never detracted from her popularity at the fictitious beverly hill's high school. if she'd gone to my high school, everyone would have called her ole squash boobs and filled her locker with vegetables.

however, i grew to like her in later seasons and when she was making tv movies, she was making exactly the kind of tv movies that i liked to watch. i watched "so noTORIous" last winter and absolutely loved the show. it was hilarious.

i kept hearing it billed as having some super big secret, and i'm not sure what that was. i, for one, didn't know that she was on again off again with brian austin green while she was on the show. [she also says that everyone in the cast of 90210 hooked up with everyone else in 90210. i'm glad i never saw the after effects of mr. walsh and andrea zuckerman.]

i'd have liked to see more about 90210 ... that segment ends quickly and with a sentence that gave me goosebumps: the tenth season would be 90210's last.

she also spends a lot of the book driving home the point that her mom is cold and a control freak. the book is fine. pretty watered down and often repetitious. i think "so noTORIous" -- which was based loosely on her life -- was a more entertaining version of her story.

that said, i remain a fan and when chuck wasn't looking i programmed tivo to record anything with her name on it.

archer farms wasabi and honey potato chips: yum. as a person who uses sushi as a wasabi vessel, here wasabi is the vessel for salt. if only there was a way to incorporate cheese ...


Starfire said...


I didn't know you were a Gear Daddies fan. me2.

Clare said...

About Tori Spelling's cleavage: I KNOW! Whenever she wore a low-cut shirt on 90210, it was all I could think about. In addition to the squash-like shape of her boobs, which you mentioned, I also remember the area between them being sort of...hollowed out. Weird.

Whiskeymarie said...

Archer Farms curry potato crisps are also dee-lishous. Try them.

I'll read the Tori spelling book if one of my firends buys it and loans it to me, but I cannot buy it with a clean conscience.