Sunday, March 16, 2008

according to mr. movies ..

today i went to mr. movies and, understatement, it has been awhile since i've rented from this little ramshackle warehouse where you always kind of feel like you might get pregnant or mononucleosis if you touch one of 99 cent movies.

but blockbuster only has season one of the wire, and i felt that we needed to start season two more quickly than chuck's netflix could deliver. i use blockbuster online, which is mostly just another way for me to mismanage finances in 20 dollar increments. put "the wire" in your blockbuster queue, and it says "long wait." try season two and it says "extra long wait." by my estimations, i should finally receive season four of "one tree hill" right around the time i get my AARP card. anyway, so i went to mr. movies, dodging scabbies piles as i ducked into the store.

"i'm not sure if i am able to rent here," i told the girl working.
she looked up my phone number, then my name, then confirmed my identity by rattling off an address that was four duluth neighborhoods ago.

i updated the address.

"and ... you have here that [photographer photographerer] can also use the account?" she asked, referencing a twoish-year relationship from um ... sevenish years ago. so long ago that when he said his first name -- which is the same as my former roommate's first name -- i made a yuck face and said "uh. no. get rid of him," thinking of the former roommate.

only when i was walking out of the store did i realize she had said the photographer's name. little did he know that up until three hours ago, he could have totally rented tons and tons of movies under my name at mr. movies. not sure that would really be worth the trip from omaha ...

that's when i started to feel bad about making the yuck face. he wouldn't get a yuck face. i kind of felt like going back inside and telling the girl that i wanted to take back the yuck face, as it wasn't warrented in this situation and i'm sure i'll need it for the next time someone sneaks a mushroom onto my pizza. on the other hand, i'm not sure what the appropriate facial response should have been ... maybe a "huh" followed by 15 seconds of pensive consideration, a nod, a small smile, then moving along.

anyway, now i have completely severed myself from any sort of past. according to the records at mr. movies.

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chuck said...

Mr. Movies kicks Blockbuster's hairy white butt. No Blockbuster clerk will ever say "Oops, my finger slipped," when ringing you up, and give you your movies for free.

A free movie at Blockbuster probably requires six scanned barcodes, the manager's signature in triplicate, and two clerks turning keys simultaneously on opposite sides of the room.