Monday, February 11, 2008

doing revlon laps around her kisser ...

last week i did little cooking and lots of watching.

tortellini with peas and tarragon (via real simple): i usually like to make something a little more labor intensive. this time i just tossed the mess into a pan, all while maintaing a phone conversation with fannie re: her new iphone. in the end it was delicious. apparently i'm a fan of tarragon. life lesson: sometimes simple is good, no food processor or yeast required. CONFESSION: i actually made this twice this week because the leftovers went too fast and it is really easy and good.

le bistro, superior, wis.: holy crap the sweet potato curry soup is probably the best food i've ever eaten in my life. they must have the most-effective puree button in the history of puree buttons. i'm totally making this next week. for an entree i had salmon with dill sauce, mashed potatos and green beans and my plate couldn't have been cleaner if i had actually wrapped paper towels around my keister, sat on it and spun gleefully. chuck's meal had a little more flavor: walleye with asparagus and red pepper.

for some reason, steamed veggies and meat always smell like my grandparents' house before sunday dinner. this is what le bistro smelled like.

la femme nikita (1990): just when you can't handle one more second of nikita's goat-mawed hair and flailing elbows, she learns how to use lipstick and spends hours in front of the mirror doing revlon laps around her kisser. one part spy movie, one part '80s romantic comedy. in french. i wore a turtle neck and we ate brie for the viewing.

the people under the stairs (1991): home alone hijinks, and elmer fudd chase scenes result in the outtakes from the thriller video.

glengarry glen ross (1992): rumor has it the renegade theater did this play in the early 2000s and a young chuckers mcchuckerstein played the part of a salesman. i'd love to have seen that. as for the movie: too much talkie talkie.

into the wild: i still wept like i'd been stabbed. this is the best movie i've seen in a long time, although it gets a little long. one can only watch alexander supertramp roll in the alaskan dirt screaming "i'm fucking hungry" for so long. it gets a little painful, unless you're the sort of person who kills off SIMS characters [which i'm not].

no country for old men: from now on, i'll think that every expressionless man with a bowl cut is going to kill me with a cattle implement. thanks, coen brothers.

the national, boxer: because i am always nostalgic for late '80s shoegazing, when i can find a band that apes something from my trifecta of favorites -- the cure, depeche mode, the smiths -- i will abuse it like a trampoline. favorites include "mistaken for strangers," and "slow show" but its "apartment story" that really puts you in the closing scene of something like "breakfast club."

cat power, jukebox: i can listen to this over and over -- and i have -- but i can't see listening to an individual song outside the context of the rest of the album. it feels like a specialty item. that's some voice on chan marshall.

brooklyn follies, paul auster: charming with chunks of hilarity, unfortunately highly forgetable. someday it will be a movie and i'll be like: "oh! oh! i bet the bookstore owner dies!" i won't remember how i know that and i'll spend another month thinking i'm psychic. the last page is chilling, though. kind of feels like horrible punchline.


Starfire said...


I saw Chuckles in that Renegade play. It was really a great production and Chuck was great. He should act more.

chuck said...

I act every day.

futbol said...

David Mamet must be rolling over in his...Beverly Hills home.