Monday, January 28, 2008

stalk her 'til she loves you back ...

this past week was rich in restaurant food and movies with fantastic soundtracks.

surly furious: had to sit this week out, as this is only served via keg in this part of the world. the only thing i can imagine drinking an entire keg of is cherry nyquil. so this is actually a nonreview.

lake avenue cafe: i've not been here since my first birthday in duluth, when -- because of the limited items on the menu -- i had eggplant parmesean. i learned on my 26th birthday that i'm not into eggplant parmesean. this time i had falafel. chuck had puttanesca. we shared the best tiramisu i've ever eaten half of.

anchor bar: olive burger. even two hours after this was removed from the grill, it still had subtle reminders that it probably would have tasted good if i'd eaten it in a timely fashion. on this visit, the cook refused to make french fries. this may have been for the best.

chester creek cafe: a-gain? uh-huh. fannie and i had sunday brunch. i had mary anne's egg thing. let's just say it is pretty hard to eff up scrambled eggs with cheese and a toasted english muffin. and they didn't. and they threw pomegranate into what could have been a pretty beige collection of mixed fruit. kudos!

tempeh reuben: i'm on an ongoing quest to find a best tempeh reuben that i can possibly get into my face. the one in the deli at whole foods falls somewhere between the standard of excellence served at the new scenic cafe, and the one i made on my crusty old stove. [other ongoing quests include finding my favorite muffaletta].

irish oatmeal: we're still working through that issue of vegetarian times. this oatmeal takes four hours to congeal and eventually tastes like oatmeal that takes 1 minute, 35 seconds in the microwave. but this makes the apartment smell more like food, less like plastic. and the dried cherries plump up, and are a nice surprise every three bites.


valley girl (1983): this movie sparked a love affair with nic cage that stayed strong just past "gone in 60 seconds" when my feelings were quickly derailed by a purely heterosexual fascination with angelina jolie. now doubling back to valley girl, i see that this movie doesn't star nic cage as much as it stars his neatly trimmed falcon-shapped swath of chest hair. this movie's life lesson: if a girl breaks up with you to re-date the hoity toity boy from her high school, stalk her 'til she loves you back.

purple rain (1984): this movie follows a pornographic template for movie-making, with music playing the role of porn. 10 minutes of plot, 101 minutes of music -- the perfect ratio. i'm trying to remember: was prince considered sexy in 1984?

"cloverfield": a movie filled with people who need to reassess their priorities -- namely the survival instinct -- and tendancy to herd around a deeply flawed, possibly concussioned leader, all from the eye of a hand held video camera. stars a monster that sounds like he had a helping of my very special chili recipe. to say i loved this movie would only be scratching the surface. not to mention that i kneel at the alter of the church of 78 minute films.

"look at me" by jennifer egan: creepy subplot about online culture that seems inches ahead of its time. after plowing through the first half, i got a little meh about certain subplots. i've already bought 'the gift' -- i'll give her another shot.


Starfire said...

i make a mean Tempeh Reuben. let me know when you want one.

CDP said...

I was there, and Prince was indeed considered sexy in 1984.

Flenker said...

How was the falafel? I keep trying to find places that are as good as my spot in Iowa City, but they all falter in comparison. They're good, but not great.

Since when has Prince not been sexy? I'm going to have to rethink my strategy if this is true.

I'm jealous that you've seen Cloverfield. I should go see it soon, but I feel like I should go with the right people, too. . .

christina said...

the falafel was the best i've had in years. and cloverfield is perfect and cheesy and excellent and fun. you definitely do need to see it with someone who is into pure hokiness.

kristabella said...

Valley Girls is my favorite 80s movie. Even more than 16 Candles. Which is saying A LOT.

L Sass said...

I rocked out to Purple Rain on the way to work today and felt very proud to be a Minnesotan!

christina said...

valley girl has long topped my list as favorite 80s movie, too. although "some kind of wonderful" is hanging right in there. this is also on our "to watch" list. weee!