Monday, January 21, 2008

smells like indian food ...

doing my best immitation of an agoraphobic for a third week.

flat earth belgian pale ale: i'm totally moving to belgium.

vindaloo: it's amazing to me that if you mix the right combination of foods, it just immediately smells like indian food. garlic, curry, tomatoes ... i could eat it, don't make me spray it on my cleavage before a night on the town. instead of garlic naan, i accidentally made flat garlic biscuits that looked suspiciously like the bun of a mcdonalds hamburger that had been in my backseat for a month. what? you don't do that?

gouda mac: open mouth. put face in cheese. it's so good-a.

"kramer vs. kramer" (1979): i haven't cried so hard since half pint gave ma the stove for christmas.

"airplane" (1980): a story of love, war, bad fish, and kareem abdul-jabbar incognito. otto pilot steals the show and a grope.

"arthur" (1981): this movie has acheived a level of suck that deserves it's own post entirely. suffice to say that the one shining moment in the movie is christopher cross theme song. liza minella bears a creepy resemblence to the karate kid. this movie would never be made in the year 2008 because some people get really uptight about alcoholism.

"48 hours" (1982): there is a definite sexual tension between eddie murphy and nick nolte.

"the importance of being morrissey" (2003): my friend the punk rock girl has had very special feelings for morrissey for more than two decades. finding his myspace profile has exacerbated it a bit. i, too, would consider myself a fan. the smiths greatest hits vol. 2 was the first cd i ever purchased, but when she goes into a fevered moz coma, i feel inferior in my fandom. that said, this 45ish minute documentary from 2002 -- broken into five segments and now on youtube -- gave me goose bumps for 45ish minutes, in five segment intervals.

"then we came to the end" by joshua ferris: page after page of office gossip. funny sometimes, inane others.

the x effect (mtv): are you serious? exes bring their new boyfriend/girlfriend for a couples weekend at a posh resort. BUT, the new significant others are immediately, and surprisingly, sent home. the exes shares a room. the banished get to monitor the exes' interaction, when they are not taken home, but sequestered in a tiny hotel room at the same resort. sometimes they have video, sometimes audio. the exes are moved to the honeymoon suite. a light in the banished couple's room indicates when the couple is touching; a locator map shows where they are in the hotel room. meanwhile, the banished are supplied with plenty of liquor while they watch the exes grind in the hot tub. at the end of the weekend, the exes decide if they want the ex, or the newer significant other that just watched them kneed suntan lotion onto their ex's shiny rumpus.

this. is. unreal. dear teenagers, mtv is treating you like a game of sims. unfortunately, i can't stop watching, which means i'm probably part of the sims game, too.

guitar hero: in the three days this has existed in the same room as me i've been late for an appointment and skipped a trip to the YMCA. like a toddler transfixed with, i don't know, "finding nemo" ? watching and rewatching, i've become obsessed with the song "when you were young" by the killers.


Beverly said...

"Kramer vs. Kramer" is interesting to watch because it was only 30 years ago, but it was nevertheless a time when it was unbelievable that a woman could make more money than a man, and that a man could take care of a child. I was 8 years old then. I remember wondering whey the child actor didn't get higher billing, though I didn't know what that was called.

nanners said...

that MTV show is basically my worst fears of my last relationship circa 2005 realized. i would murder the first producer who tried to talk to me after day 1. not that i would participate in such crap. unless there was money involved.

Backpacker momma said...

I too, could not tear myself away from X Effect. Same goes for Parental Control. I just can't wait for the gal to pick one of the new guys and dump the chump.

christina said...

incidentally, nanners, you and 2005 are exactly who i'd like to see on the show.

Sproactually said...

The True Humor of Airplane! will not be revealed until you watch the 1970 movie Airport, right down to the nun slapping people. Every Joke, every gag line is right out of Airport.

And those Minnesotans in the bunch should recognize a much smaller Minneapolis airport starring as Lincoln Airport.

The 707 was a truly revolutionary air craft, with a few still flying today. And If i could be anyone, I want to be Joe Patroni, he's my movie hero.