Monday, January 14, 2008

the champagne of ice cream ...

i bring you another week's worth of consuming things so you don't have to.

gluek honey bock: natty light with a honey after bite. i knew i'd like it the second i smelled it on chuck's breath. i only had one, as it seemed strange to be able to drink this in the open, and not shivering in my high school letter jacket near a bonfire in a quarry.

burrito union: "a one-fisted bean and rice burrito, but without rice ... black beans. seasoned sour cream, all the veggies -- eh, no jalapinos." sometimes i wonder if i'm becoming one of those wacky food divas who has to have this and that and this on the side and hold the, but extra ... or if i am just a regular. a burrito scientist who has honed her order to perfectly match her desires. it's such a fine line.

jaws (1975): i don't care how hokily it is created, i will always enjoy watching a shark eat a crusty old shark hunter. and there is nothing quite like the sound of said shark exploding over the deck of a sinking ship after it gets an oxygen tank caught in its teeth, which is then fired upon by a new york policeman using a common handgun.

"i'm never going in the water again," i cliched to chuck.
"you don't go in the water, anyway," he responded. "you barely shower. ... you won't even eat soup."


logan's run (1976): from this movie i learned that in the future, people will live in malls and women and men will dress like they are in the ice capades! for future reference: movies from even years are selected by the project participant who is not me.

slap shot (1977): a professional hockey team generates interest through fighting, but everything really comes together for the charlestown chiefs when a princeton graduate who married into money performs a strip tease at center ice. paul newman looks like a 50 year old playing a 38 year old and he has chicken legs. with a strong fleetwood mac and maxine nightengale soundtrack.

invasion of the body snatchers (1978): pod people do the humpty hump. sometimes jesus makes movies that are about 25 minutes too long for this lady.

sia -- some people have real problems: i just wanted something new to listen to, you know, and the cover was so pretty ... and through, i get 30 downloads a month for pennies and i really like that song "breathe me" but maybe just because played during the most amazing finale in the history of series finales. anyway, no song from this newest cd really jumps out at me. but it makes for pleasant background noise.

janet jackson -- control: i have made a solemn vow that my ipod would be unfettered by music i liked prior to the day i owned said nano. unfortunately, a tall amber boch and the song "nasty boys" made it impossible for me to resist this pick from 1986. i plan to listen to it in the kitchen. loudly.

READING: must pick up book. hold in hands. look at words.

talenti gelato (white chocolate raspberry): caught in a fit of ice cream cravings, chuck and i went to cub foods. i am trying to eat healthier lately, and reading the labels on the back of small ice cream cartons required math, and that math meant numbers like: 1,200; or 62. i cannot be trusted to not eat four servings of ice cream in one sitting, so i sought something that had still dangerous numbers, but comparably much better. i actually enjoyed this grainy take on ice cream. and one of the ingredients was cooked red wine. it bills itself as "the champagne of ice cream." which i guess would make it the miller high life of champagne.

real world sydney, season finale: i got a little weepy at this one. it's just ... kellyanne and cohutta are my favorite couple to ever emerge from the house filled with seven strangers. unfortunately, my online research led me to their myspace accounts -- WHERE THEY ARE NOW LISTED AS SINGLE! that is terrible news. i was really rooting for them. in fact, if mtv can make a shows like "next," "parental control" and "my super sweet 16" why couldn't they make the kellyanne and cohutta show?


Beret said...

Where did you get that gelato??? It sounds amazing.

Six Feet Under had the best finale ever. So good I bought the series on DVD and watched it start to finish 3 times over a few months last year. So good my husband even watched it with me which never happens since we have polar opposite tastes in TV viewing except for How I Met Your Mother which we both enjoy (and Lost which he has no choice but to watch). Heh.

KellyAnn and Cohutta? Really?? I'd watch the Isaac show, but I wouldn't watch those two. I knew they wouldn't last.

Flenker said...

excellent post, all around! If you need any help choosing a book, let me know. I'm a big fan of books (read: I'm a huge nerd). And Jaws is awesome. Period.

fannie said...

Honey Bock has been Hack's beer of choice for the last couple of's not bad, unless you've had a superior beer right before it. Then it tastes like dishwater.

christina said...

beret -- the gelato was on the end of an ice cream section in my grocer's freezer. it is good stuff. as for six feet under, in a life filled with tv marathons, this is the best series i've ever watched. incidentally, maybe i've said this before, a friend of mine knows the character that inspired evie from season four.

as for kellyanne and cohutta? man. kellyanne started the show as such a weasely little temptress, but aside from spitting on the glass of the phone room while parisa was talking on the phone, really seemed to become a better person when she was around cohutta. cohutta was fantastic. fun, but not silly. a little backwoods, but in an endearing way. i thought they were really cute.

granted, isaac was probably the most level-headed character to ever emerge from the real world.

flenker: thanks, bud. i have some small piles i'm trying to read through right now, but i keep getting distracted by the internet.

fannie: every day i like hack a little more.

nanners said...

i'm ashamed to say i downloaded that "breathe me" song after hearing it on the hills season 1 or 2. a really stupid scene between heidi and spencer. i am such a loser.

kristabella said...

I will now have Janet Jackson in my head all day.

And also, LOVE Kelly Anne and Cohutta! I think Cohutta is one of the best Real World housemates ever. Maybe they have to be listed as single since the reunion show hasn’t aired yet?

Mach1 said...

The cover art for Sia's new album freaked me out. It scared me. It gave me nightmares.