Thursday, January 24, 2008

all the birthday, none of the drizzle ...

today was jcrew's birthday, which is usually a decent holiday. and monday when i asked her how she wanted to celebrate, she hemmed and hawed and acted like maybe we didn't need to decide right then. we could let the stream of bars percolate a bit.

less than 24 hours later, i was part of a mass email sent out by jcrew. she lamented her lack of friends, and how she was sending out her own party invite. she invited us to the anchor bar on wednesday night. later, jcrew looked at me sternly over her glasses. like a principal, or a dominatrix, and said: "you know, christa. this is the first year that you didn't send out an email inviting people to my birthday."

"but! i asked you what you wanted to do! i thought we were still talking about it!" i responded.
she shook her head.
"i don't think so," she said.

i felt awful. just like she wanted me to. feeling awful was the least i could do. it was like a birthday gift.


my landlord was going to hit the party early, while the grill was seething. i had him order me an olive burger. have it waiting for me when i got there. i haven't eaten meat in so long that if a deer ran past the window right now i'd beg it for one venisony lick of its underbelly.


when we got to the bar, a half-dozen surly goths and/or mimes were in a semi circle in front of a large-screen television watching the movie "hot fuzz." cigarettes poised near their smeared white makeup and exaggerated eye makeup.

"it's hard to get used to the cigarettes," chuck mused. "this place is so dirty, people are rude, everyone's smoking. i feel like we're in france."


jcrew did not yet seem moved by the birthday spirit. i mean, by this time last year, it looked something like this:

whereas this year, it was a much tamer this:

then things ramped up:


i just wanted a water. but chuck came back with this:

it included a free cherry cheese cake shot for jcrew. i put my finger in it. bubbles tested it. then jcrew finished it off. i conceded to drink one free foamy beer that had fallen on the floor.

and then it was time to go home.


Whiskeymarie said...

I demand hijinks, shenanigans and tomfoolery from you folks on your birthdays.

No nudity? No puking? No burritos?

Sigh. It's like we're all adults or something.

L Sass said...

So, was the cherry cheesecake shot a good decision? It seems like a shot that sweet might be a bad, bad decision!!

feistyMNgirl said...

looks like fun...and indeed very france-like.

nanners said...

your recollection of our monday conversation is supremely inaccurate. i recall you asking me to come to luce that night and you said "it's your birthday week." i said yeah, if you're going out tonight will you come out for my birthday? you said, "sure, i could go out."
i don't even know you anymore, judas.

kristabella said...

I always send out my own birthday email. Only because I learned I'm the only one who can do it right.

And then I can ask for presents myself.