Saturday, December 15, 2007

nine oh two one ohhhh ...

me: if i could wear anything in the world today, it would be tall boots with fuzzy fur lining over a pair of leggings and a long sweater.
chuck: do you have that?
me: no.
chuck: you should check shannen doherty's closet.


Beret said...

I can't see Shannon wearing boots like that. The sweater and leggings sure, but not the boots.

Now, had you said, "I want to wear some stirrup pants, flats, and an oversized white rayon shirt with a "vest" only on the front half of it and a black hat" then you KNOW Brenda (Shannon) would have that in her closet.

christina said...

touche, beret.

however, did we really see much of her time as a freshman at the university of minnesota? had she managed to last a semester, she may have worn tall fuzzy boots.

havington said...

you would rocked on 90210!