Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the big game ...

it is obvious that the person who chooses what we watch on the tv's at the ymca and i have nothing in common. any time we could possibly spend together in the real world would likely be filled with awkward pauses and quotes from "terminator."

tonight i jumped on a treadie next to an acquaintance and we exchanged hi-how-are-ya's before he responded to my "what's happenin'?" with a "just watching the game."

the game? oh. the game.

the vikings game, taking up three consecutive screens with all its monday night football wonder.

"ah," i said. "i forgot that was on tonight."
and he laughed in a way that suggested he had already tuned me out in favor of listening to the radio broadcast of the game to accompany the visual, or he thought i was kidding.

i was not kidding at all; i have no interest in football whatsoever.

these are the only circumstances under which i have enjoyed football:

laying on my stomach on the floor of my parent's basement. fire in the fireplace. beer and cheese soup for dinner. algebra II text book open in front of me. leaking drool onto the pages. i think the announcers really set up the perfect oratory ambience for a high school sophomore's sunday night nap.

i don't ignore football. that would suggest i'm purposely giving it a wide berth. i genuinely forget it exists and sometimes will go two, three days without knowing whether the vikings won or lost -- unless someone mentions the game on their blog or someone says the score on public radio.

there was usually a football game on in my parent's house. i went to six years worth of high school football games, but that was more for the romantic potential of a post-game at godfather's pizza. i didn't go to football games in college -- no one did unless the tommies were playing the johnnies. and if it was the rivalrous matchup, there was a sort of prerequisite that you have at least eight other friends who want to wake up and immediately begin drinking beer in the parking lot so that you were properly stupid by noon's kickoff. i had like two friends in college, and whatever the opposite of school spirit is.

i also enjoy having a boyfriend whose schedule does not need to be altered based upon halftime chicken wing specials and fierce packer loathing. when chuck and i were first dating, we had a hilarious sunday ritual where we would wake late then say with a start: "crap! we missed the vikings game!" or "if we get up right now, we can catch the end of the game!"

then we would laugh ourselves dizzy.

so ... i was done at the ymca before the game ended, but the bears were leading. i have no idea what happened, but i can live with that.


L Sass said...

I have a passing interest in the Vikings, which has been stoked in the past by football-following boyfriends. AS barely knows the rules of football, though, and that suits me just fine!

fannie said...

the vikings won. i only know this because i had it on in the background while i was playing scrabulous.

CDP said...

My husband (football fan) and I (football indifferent) have a similar routine. When he works Sunday, he comes home and says "what happened during the game?" and I say something like "the Redskins beat the Yankees 114-7. OJ Simpson was firing 3-point shots from half-court, it was insane."

Maurey Pierce said...

I. Love. Football.

I was ambivalent about it for years, until I started playing fantasy. Now I'm an addict. And, the super-ripped eye candy just can't be beat. I just found a Tony Gonzalez video on You Tube where he talks about being named one of the sexiest athletes. For ten very sexy minutes.

And now I'm stuck here for the rest of the day, excited.

Whiskeymarie said...

I can honestly say without hyperbole that I hate football with every single cell in my body times infinity.

Luckily, I married someone who hates it almost as much as I do.
Sharing this feeling was always sort of a deal breaker when I was dating. Some things I can stand to disagree on- this ain't one of 'em.

Sorry Maurey, but you already knew this about me...

Flenker said...

At the U of Iowa, football was a huge thing. I went to about 25 games in my 4 years there, and lots more in my years not there, at least one a year for as far back as I can remember. So yeah, I kinda like the sport. Not as much as baseball, though, that will never be surpassed. But, I am sympathetic towards those who don't follow football as regularly, or at all. I still think we'd get along. You too, WM.

first mate said...

My BF and I have an understanding ... I don't talk to him when the Vikings game is on, when they are talking about the Vikings on any channel [E! inclueded], when anyone is wearing purple on TV, when someone farts and it sounds like it said Childress, when he's reading blogs about the Vikings, or if he's checking the Duran Duran website ... and he doesn't talk to me when America's Next Top Model is on. After four years, I've come to live with this agreement. Is it March yet?