Tuesday, November 20, 2007

wherein the internet makes me dry heave ...

you have either seen the ballyhooed video, or you haven't. if you have, you know what i'm talking about and no amount of dry heaving will change that; if you haven't seen it, this is a good time to use the 'get out of pop culture free' card you have been hording in that velcro wallet.

you know what i'm talking about: the one teeming with response videos on youtube, the one john mayer made a parody of, the one alledgely referenced on vh1's best week ever, linked to on perez hilton's site ... yeah, that video.

i met my fate late thursday night. chuck had seen it at burrito union. if you've seen the video, you know that by definition, burrito union has to rank among the top five of worst places to see the video. although, to be fair, better there than taco bell.

"trust me," he said. "you do NOT want to see it."
if he really didn't think i would want to see it, he should have had the pope call and demand that i see it, or at least put a mushroom on or near my computer.

instead we did sort of calisthenics: first chuck described it in great, frothy detail, then we watched john mayer's most-poetic adaptation, then we consumed a few response videos. finally, when my sensabilities had been numbed to drooling, root canal proportions, we watched it.

a recreation of my own responses:


Andrew said...

I will note, I saw all these comments on youtube, and I thought, huh, what is this video they are watching. I lasted all of five seconds before throwing up in my mouth and crying.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm wondering when curiosity will get the best of me & I'll look.

People are gross.

L Sass said...

I have no idea what video you're referring to... I'm totally unhip... but, I think that may be for the best.

Flenker said...

I know the video. I've only seen about 4 seconds of it, before I figured out what was going on. Though it makes perfect sense to see it at a taco place.

kristabella said...

I saw the reaction videos on Best Week Ever and thought for a hot second about finding the original video. But seeing guys react like that, CAN'T be good.

I won't look. After your reaction shots, that sealed the deal.

christina said...

to the anonymous person who's comment i didn't publish:

i know. i've seen it. thank you. give them my best.

Jared said...

I love the way nobody mentions the title of the video in any of the sites I have been to. It took me a couple of Google searches to even find out what hubub was all about.
However if there ever was a video too evil to utter its name, that would be the one.