Friday, November 23, 2007

things i've learned in the past three days ...

* to be my best, most energetic, less misanthropic self, i need 10 hours of sleep. 12 if the dinner menu included alcohol.

* sometimes i will wake at 3 p.m., see sunlight, and decide to try again at 5 p.m.

* i am still afraid of basements.

* that some people still have their seventh grade cheerleading patches.

* that this is the sort of internal conversation i have:
me: "one of my tires seems low. i wonder if i can get to eden prairie with a half-flat tire?"
other me: "i'm sure it's fine. other people probably don't fill their tires, either, and you rarely hear about someone's tire falling off their car on thanksgiving."
me: "maybe that's because other people don't let their tires get low and you are really just the most irresponsible person on the planet?"
other me: "but what if i put too much air in it and it explodes and there is wheel debris all over the ghetto spur?"
me: "that doesn't happen to people either."
other me: "maybe that's because most people know how to read a tire gauge."
me: "touche."

* how to read a tire gauge

* that i wish that lynn rosetto casper and i were better friends.

* that if i think i should wear a belt, i probably should.

* a six year old can beat me at battleship.

* so can her dad.

* its the trouncing by the six year old that stings worse.

* i live a very quiet life and so when i'm surrounded by more than once voice at a time, it causes sensory overload.

* that an episode of "this american life" can really take the edge off of that span of highway between rush city and sandstone.

* that after spending an entire day in the car, chuck's couch [and chuck] feels a lot like a pretty posh resort.

* gas station string cheese does not need to be refrigerated.

* that even though i am the self proclaimed tv marathon champion, i can handle no more than three consecutive episodes of "reaper."

* that no matter how long i watch this, i cannot get myself to think it is a good idea.


amy a. said...

i thought the exact same thing about my tire, in maybe the exact same place. we should have totally carpooled. maybe xmas?

christina said...

totally. keep me posted on your plans. i like you more than lynn rosetto casper and ira glass back to back.

Beverly said...

My tire blew out driving to the Cities. I was almost to my parents' house, so for about two miles, I drove on the rim. I don't remember an internal conversation. My mom yelled at me, though.
Then I was going to call a tow truck to get a new tire put on. She said, "You know how to change a tire!" And I said, "No I don't." And she said, "Yes you do!" And I said, "No I don't." And she said, "Yes you do!" And then she made my dad put on the spare so I could drive to the tire store.

Miss Kate said...

Like you, my life is rather quiet. By this morning, I was more than ready to escape the family fun fest and get onto the road so I could hear myself think again.

L Sass said...

This American Life solves all kinds of problems. I have to pull up a podcast in order to survive doing laundry.