Saturday, November 10, 2007

saturday tag ...

so i guess it is high time i acknowledge that i was tagged by flenker last week. you just can't hide on the internet, can you?

A). Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog...
B). Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself...
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1. lately i am inexplicably drawn to the shout out louds in a way that knows no moderation. at the end of the summer i was looking for great new bands and i'm not sure how i found this one but here they are and i cannot get myself to enjoy anything but the shout out louds. sometimes i'll listen to feist or the new pornographers. but the whole time i'm thinking "i wish i was listening to the shout out louds." and when i AM listening to the shout out louds, i'm pretty damn excited about it.

i heard the song "normandie" playing at the gap the other day, and quickly shuffled toward the great wall of denim so i could turn toward it and sing along unnoticed.

2. last night we went to the movie "30 days of night". vampires in alaska during 30 days without sun. this movie found me scratching out my eyeballs in horror and i was pretty sure that i liked it, until i suddenly realized that it was absolutely ridiculous, and then it became funny. within a half hour of leaving the theater, i was sure i had just witnessed the height of crap.

SPOILER ALERT: i really wish that when josh harnett went all vampo, that he would have said to the female lead: "whatever. buffy and angel made it work. for awhile."

3. caffeine no longer seems to affect me. about two years ago i decided no more coke after 7 p.m., and now i could have coffee piped straight into a major vein while i sleep and i'd continue to purr contentedly while dreaming that my teeth are falling out.

4. i get a little teary at least once an episode of "kid nation."

5. no matter how hard i try, i cannot fit an entire round tortilla chip into my mouth. i technically should only eat the broken bits, but the round ones are so enticing ... this is how i accidentally ripped the side of my mouth: with one of these too large round salt vessels. i'm waiting for it to heal, but in the interim, i've been eating big sandwiches and -- lets be honest --more tortilla chips. so it continues to rip open, bleed, scab, rip open. i pity the fool who has to kiss this mouth.

6. last night it did this. so i guess i won't be sitting here for awhile.

7. i don't mind being tagged, but i am where tags go to die.

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Flenker said...

I'm a little torn. . . I love snow, I like watching it fall, I like being all wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, reading a book. But I think I'm getting used to it being 80 degrees. What to do, what to do!