Friday, November 30, 2007

on being gauche ...

i heard the word gauche today and immediately thought of chuck. gauche is how i ended up here on his couch right now, sharing a tin of burt's bees lip balm and watching "fast times at ridgemont high." gauche is how i got him to meet me at schultz's in superior for what one of us [read: not me] considers our first date.

before we had met, back when we just read each other's blogs and occasionally swapped e-mails, i read this: "And calling people at midnight is just so gauche, so I probably won't do it at all."

i stood in the parking lot of the bar and dialed the digits he had given me as a consolation prize on my birthday. that night i had wanted a quick makeout; he didn't want his tongue being orbited by something that tasted like half-digested blue cheese and vodka. four days later, calling him from the parking lot, it was past gauche. it was, like, 12:30 a.m. -- literally half-past gauche.

"sorry," i said when he answered. "i know you think it's gauche to call people after midnight, but i'm at schultz's and ..."

whatever. he met up with me. except what i really said was something that sounded more like gow-chay.

there were other words that represent the start of our relationship. i used touche to flirt with him in the comments section on my blog; one of our first conversations was about the way crossword puzzles always have a clue that says sapphoro sash, to which the three letter answer is obi. something i liked about him while browsing his archives was the frequent use of the word lurid. lurid is a smart boy's word. then there was the time i used the word deflammatory, which he quickly informed me was not a word at all.

whatever. i like to think of it as word-people's version of what non-word people would call our song. you can have your james blunt, we have gauche.


L Sass said...

I wrote "midnight thirty" to AS in one of my first email to him and that stupid term always makes us both giggle to this day!

Maurey Pierce said...

For us it's political labels: "commie wack job," "common-sense lefty," "Begala centrist," and "Clintonian," which is either a compliment or a dig, depending on who is delivering it.

feistyMNgirl said...

nice post. i agree, words are better than songs.

smart boys are normally so overlooked...perhaps due to their lack of muscles and that their noses are shoved in computers and stuff :)

Flenker said...

As a sort of musician, I will have to stand up for the songs here. There's still a place for them. But I do like the idea of having special words, too.

I will also stand up for the smart boys being overlooked. But we're mostly just afraid of girls

christina said...

okay, flenker. you win. there is also a certain pretenders song, some bread and key lionel richie that remind me of chuck. but there are also the WORDS. oh, lo, the WORDS.

Beverly said...

I'll be sure not to write "touche" in your boyfriend's comments.