Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ear ye, ear ye ...

typically, if i am out in public listening to loud live music, i prefer to let my bobbing knees speak for themselves. i save the serious one-on-one convos for the commercial breaks during the sarah silverman show. and if someone wants to say something of import to me while listening to loud music, i hope it is either a) said in a way that doesn't make my ear hair vibrate; or b) something i can pretend to hear. something in which a nod or a feigned look of exaggerated shock is the appropriate response.

chuck was in the corner talking to an acquaintance on saturday night. the conversation lasted three, four songs, and when he came back he brought a new trick.

the guy had leaned in to talk to him, and right before the guy began speaking, he put his finger into chuck's ear and poked his tragus so it was covering his ear canal -- literally plugging chuck's ear for him.

on one hand, this was the kind act of a man who understands the science involved with loud music, loud voice and ear hair. on the other hand, dude just put his finger into chuck's ear.

if chuck were to do this to me, for instance, it would seem normal. chuck has also pulled things from my nose and once popped a pretty nasty burn blister on my thumb that was beginning to look like its own ecosystem. likewise, i would have no problem sticking my finger in chuck's ear. in fact, that is exactly why i bought him a couple of drinks: to loosen him up so i could stick my finger in his ear.

chuck wasn't bothered by it. he thought it was a kind gesture, although he agreed that he probably could have plugged his own ear. me? i think its dirty.


kristabella said...

Me thinks it is a bit creepy.

Mach1 said...

Yeah, that's a little weird. Especially if it was just an acquaintance and not a long-time friend or something.

L Sass said...

I don't want anyone else's fingers in my ears. Period.

Stephanie said...

So I did not know that thing we use to plug our ears (and people sometimes get pierced) is called a tragus. So thank you!

And someone plugging my ear for me? SOOOO weird!

Lollie said...

I prefer to let everyone know that I have a hearing problem before going into the venue...this way, they either don't want to yell into my already partially deaf ears, or they don't get offended when I gently nudge them backwards and make them understand that I'm better off reading lips. In any case, no one is tempted to stick their finger in my ear! Eww.