Saturday, October 20, 2007

sorry mr. moose, you forgot your map ...

funniest thing i heard today:

wildcat: everytime i meet someone from canada, they just want to talk about trip shakespeare. frigging trip shakespeare. like trip shakespeare is the frigging beatles in canada. seriously.

in other news:

i promise this will not turn into my dream journal. but today i was napping and chuck was making lunch in the kitchen and i dreamt that chuck was in the kitchen making lunch. in the dream, i walked out into the kitchen, and had some difficulty spooning the food onto my plate. then we crawled over some stuff to sit on the couch to watch tv while we ate.

we were watching the flintstones. fred, wilma, bambam and pebbles were in a prehistoric golf cart chasing after -- what i thought was a moose, but was actually a bull -- driving a prehistoric golf cart in front of them. sometimes taking turns on two wheels. a lot of cartoonish smoke coming out of the wheels. steam from his nostrils.

chuck and i were both laughing at the scene.

then we saw the scene from the bull's perspective. fred flintstone had turned into ricardo montalbon -- as mr. roarke from fantasy island. he waved a piece of paper at the bull, and said in fred flintstone's voice "sorry, mr. moose, but you forgot your map!"

i woke up laughing. that phrase ran through my head for the rest of the day.

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L Sass said...

In my (dorky) world, Ricardo Montalban = KHAN from Star Trek.

I am a nerd. Now you know for sure.