Thursday, October 18, 2007

sleeping geekery ...

chuck: i had a [weird] dream.
me: really? because i had a halo 3 dream.
chuck: you win. go ahead.
me: [pause] i don't even know what halo 3 is. ... i just dreamt that i was going around picking up free halo 3 action figures, kinda like they were those free itunes from starbucks. ... oh, wait. i know why i had this dream. it is because i was reading wil wheaton's blog yesterday!
chuck: you just said "halo 3," "action figures," "wil wheaton" and "blog" in the same paragraph.


fannie said...

you really need to get over wil wheaton. ;)

christina said...

touche, fanster.

but in order for that to happen, you need to have made me never be a 12 year old girl who has seen the movie "stand by me."

Whiskeymarie said...

I have to say that now I feel better about having a dream the other night that involved Care bears, spaghetti and that "Pump up the jam" song.

first mate said...

Um ... I met WW when I was 15 years old in 1990.
I was a closet Next Generation fan and my aunt knew L. Nemoy. So we went to meet him in LA and then toured the set. The whole cast was there. When WW saw me and my twin come in he came over [in uniform] and said only this ... "did you see the Honda Prelude in the parking lot? Yeah, that's mine," Then he went off to play hacky sack with a stage hand. Sign ... I was in love.

years later I owned a 1987 Honda Prelude and affectionately named it Wil.

christina said...

oh my. i absolutely love that story! i had it pretty bad for wil wheaton -- ie posters and frequent viewings of stand by me. i didn't follow him into the next generation, though.