Thursday, October 25, 2007

but not tonight ...

sometimes you have to make important decisions. like, should i get drunk with my boyfriend and have fun conversations about how in the late 80s i thought INXS was satanic and how he made a christmas of the north parade float when he was taking an elective? or should we lay on the couch and watch tivo. again.

both are great in their own way. i love the tv watching. it is cozy and if you'd told me i would like it a year and a half ago, i'd have stabbed you in the eye with a super potato ole.

the more i don't drink, the more self righteous i get inadvertantly. and the more i crave a night where i cozy up next to chuck in a bar, whisper in his ear and say nothing. at. all. where everything is funny and we deconstruct our cab driver. that silliness makes us. and when we don't do it, i miss it. and when we do do it, i forget exactly what happened. but i know it was fun.

so i'll risk the burning pee. i'll risk two days of hangover.

i love these nights. these nights where i make a carrot cake, we go to the bar, buy burritos on the way home. forget the carrot cake. it molds to death. thank god i licked the beaters.

meanwhile, my boyfriend is drunkenly posting as well.

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L Sass said...

I had my first drunk-night-with-boyfriend in a long, long time two weeks ago. It was really fun!