Friday, September 14, 2007

whores running around shakin' their behind for the menfolk ...

chuck and i were at cub foods in search of black nail polish for me and cracker barrell cheese, wheat thins and strawberry fanta to improve on a viewing of jaws.

en route, we saw this:

"holy crap! they're sluts!" i said.

"check out the twincest," chuck said.

[by the time we got home, tivo had already deleted jaws -- misconstruing our recent battlestar galactica bamboozlement with a lack of interest in disco-era sharks. we'll watch rocky instead.

"this strawberry fanta is so good," chuck said.
"it tastes like fun," i agreed.
"it tastes like pacman," he said.

"everytime i look, all the slices of cheese are gone," he said.
i gave him a guilty look.
"well ... i guess endless love isn't going to read itself," he responded.]


CDP said...

That's nothing. Next time you're watching SpongeBob with a 6-year-old (something I do pretty often, and who knows what I'll do when he's 25 and I can no longer use him as my excuse for watching SpongeBob), check out the commercial for "Teen Top Model Barbie". That's one hoochie of a Barbie...they should call her Pole Dancer Barbie and just be done with it.

Bottle Rocket Fire Alarm said...

BSG makes my testicles dance like Mexican Jumping Beans. I started my eleventeenth marathon last night.