Thursday, September 27, 2007

poltregeist and orange crush[ing] ...

picture your best friend from seventh grade.

now imagine that person, alternating things if, at that point your life, this "best friend" character was the same sex as you. or keeping it the same if that it what you prefer. pretend that every night is a friday night sleepover: the movie poltregeist, four little caesars pizzas and some orange crush and the whole night at your hands.

now imagine 24 years later you are dating that person.

that is my relationship. and that is why i am endlessly happy.


amy a. said...

that makes me really happy. like crying happy.

fannie said...

and in this case, he's probably not ripping on you for wearing socks that don't match your outfit.

Whiskeymarie said...

Mmm...I just got all warm and fuzzy.
And not just because I like orange Crush.