Wednesday, September 5, 2007

playing kiss covers ...

this is what it looks like when wilco plays bayfront festival park.

this is what it looks like when i play bayfront festival park.

i come to you from chuck's bathroom, where i have sequestered myself for the early part of the middle-of-the-night hours. apparently i let a pilsner fester too long before braving the porta potties at bayfront festival park tonite. i'm taking 12 ounce shots of water and loving st. francis for installing a triple prong outlet in this room so i can post amid the warzone that is my flaming urinary tract.

[spoiler alert: i've just read a particularily steamy scene from endless love. and i'm still in chapter 2! unfortunately, like when i'm enjoying any form of art from 1979, i have a hard time visually anything in high definition and without a guy named turbo with a comb in his back pocket. sexy becomes silly.]

so. tonite was that wilco show we had talked about. poor fannie mcfanster left minneapolis on a 93 degree day, only to pop her hand outside of her escalade near hinckley and learn that a tank top and open toed sandals were an optimistic fashion choice. for the first 15 minutes of the show, i had to keep reminding myself that i was not a senior and i was not holding a saxophone in the bleaches of a grudge match between the lourdes high school football team and the pine island gophers. horizontal rain does funny things to my hair and my nostalgia button.

i had a blush of one of those "i love you duluth, you're smart and funny and pretty" moments and wondered why bayfront park isn't booked every weekend of the summer. hell, i'd pay to see my mom play piano and lip synch to simon and garfunkle if it was at bayfront. [and you know how i feel about garfunkle ...]

so my first favorite part of the show was when they played heavy metal drummer. my second favorite part of the show was when fannie pretended to know the words to a repetitious part of a song and belted it with the same enthusiasm as the rabid half naked fans behind us, waving their shirts and hooting. my third favorite part was when a huge ship appeared really close to the shore behind the stage, and imagining how well the people onboard could hear the music.

anyway, i hope you didn't come here for a review of the show. i had fun. i like wilco, whether they are playing in my car or on a stage. but i am completely incapable of telling a good performance from a bad performance since i like most things. i get distracted easily by a woman who had climbed on a man's shoulders, and the cute hippie couple to my east with an infant strapped to the woman's chest. i can spend 12 minutes trying to figure out if one of those guys on stage has a red light blinking in his mouth and six minutes thinking about the time i saw B-R549 playing in a bar in nashville. and still sing along. and then remind myself: oh yeah. watch wilco.

meanwhile: fannie won the 'nels cline gave me chicken pox' design contest. here she sports a yellow version. her friend smithers seems to be sporting 'blue steel.'


Whiskeymarie said...

Your air guitar abilities are awesome. Maybe I'll come to Bayfront and do my "love boat theme/Evergreen" medley for you sometime. I'll rock the house, indeed.

feistyMNgirl said...

glad you had fun. it was a sweet night. you have a nice jumping distance on that air jam gui(key)tar.

so, did random people offer YOU guys "the pot"? i got the offer twice...i wonder what it is about me screams "i need drugs"?

christina said...

it does look like i have some serious hang-time there. must be my inner triple jumper.

i was not offered the pot, but the air around me was definitely teeming with the pot. then again, i live in the hillside, so the air around me is usually teeming with it.