Tuesday, September 18, 2007

lady luck ...

the other day i was streaming the current on my laptop and jotting names of songs and bands that caught my ear into my designated operation band investigating notebook. i do this every day, sometimes for six hours at a time, because i have all. the. time. in. the. world for such frivolity. [this is how i've come to learn about the dresden dolls. thank goodness for the current, as i've not yet heard mix 108 play any cabaret punk].

i tuned in when i heard a broody -- if not broodier version than even the smith's could muster -- of "there's a light that never goes out." i quickly clicked on the running song list and saw that it was by joseph arthur. joseph arthur, covering the smiths. nice. this is why i do this, i thought excitedly to myself, to find things just! like! this!

i clicked on all sorts of illegal web sites, looking for a downloadable version of the song and coming up short. finally i sucked it up and went to itunes and just as itunes was about to rip the 99 cents from my arthritic granny clutch, i recognized the cd cover. readers, i owned this song already.

it was february of 2005 and i was at starbucks with lil latrell. i was browsing the cds while i waited for them to finish making her drink. two discs picqued my interest: valentine's day compilations. one with covers of truly romantic songs like "there's a light that never goes out" [and if a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side, well the pleasure the priviledge is mine] and one with valentine's day songs by the original singer. this had artists like jewel and jason mraz.

i said to lil latrell that day, i'm going to buy these. and i'm going to start trying to be cheesier. i am going to let things tug at my heart and i'm going to weep.

that life decision cost me 30 dollars, not including the copies of "the notebook" and "beaches," which i purchased a few days later to further my growth into sentimentality.

i don't think i ever listened to the romantic covers. when i went looking for it a few days ago, it was in my car. right where i left it more than two years ago.

it is times like this, when the stars align and i realize that i saved 99 cents by spending 30 forgotten dollars a lifetime ago, that i begin to think that you are all just a figment of my imagination and that i am in charge of my world. that if i will myself to own a copy of "there's a light that never goes out" by joseph arthur, it will appear in my backseat. that this is all just like the dream where i don't even panic when i spit the chunks of teeth the consistancy of vomit into my open palms. i know my teeth will grow back.

consider this: remember the day that i had two contacts stuck in one eyeball? i'd not worn contacts since. today i went to plop them into my face and noticed that one of the three contacts i'd removed from my body that day was completely dried out. it had sucked up all the saline sollution and would be like stabbing my eye hole with a wood chip.

but, because everything goes my way, i had two brand new contacts in the other side of the case, lubed and ready and maliable.

add to this the fact that i made chili last nite, using a recipe as a guide, but substituting virtually every ingredient out of laziness or a lack of comprehension of what the ingredient actually was. and it turned out amazing. it was like i was physically unable to phuk it up. the right amount of garlic, perfect jalapino level, italian sausage. granted, i nearly severed the bone in my middle finger opening a can of tomato chunks ... but whatever.


fannie said...

i heard joseph arthur sing that song live. :) The rest of the concert was creepy.

Whiskeymarie said...

I believe that you are in charge of the world, and I am happy to finally have a leader I can relate to.
Now that you're the boss, just a few things:
* I would like a raise
* Can you please just make something "happen" to Ryan Seacrest?
* We want doughnuts
* And, the masses seem to be huddled, just an f.y.i.

Thanks a ton, your Excellency.

Beverly said...

This is totally "The Secret."