Friday, August 24, 2007

i'm your second hand news ...

today was national "pistina buys a laptop day." through some sort of strange circumstances i came into some money. it came in the mail, unsolicited, unexpected and as completely unrelated to my birthday as it was completely related to my inability to work a basic calculator.

you were right, jesus. math will some day come in handy! especially on national pistina buys a new laptop day when you tell me that if i never learn math, i'll be greatly rewarded in late august, just when my heart was wishing for a new laptop and you send me a magic check! i appreciate the way you celebrate my bad behavior!

so i woke up early! [read: 11:30 a.m.] because it was a holiday and when chuck woke up i attacked him with verbal exclamation points until he finally pushed me aside and reminded me that it was still too early [noon] for complete sentences. ordinarily i'd agree. but this time i just made us some coffee and was only dampered briefly by the fact that i'd have to wear pants to best buy to use my ill-gained monies to purchase the reason for the season.

laptop purchasing was ridiculously inconvenient and way harder than i thought. i'd anticipated extra fees. what i hadn't expected was this. [here i defer to chuck's post, mostly because i could hear the words "chad" was saying, but i couldn't believe this was the truth. so i spent much of the time mouth agape, giving chuck looks that screamed: did chad just break national pistina buys a laptop day? while chuck took on the incredulous chortle of a serial best buy employee heckler].


we ate a quick lunch at bixbie's bagals.


at the mall, chuck surveyed the food court and said:
"i've never seen so many pregnant teenagers."


we landed at the electric fetus in the used records area. chuck's new project involves backtracking to the vynal he should have purchased 20 years or so ago. like most of his projects, this project is too fun to just witness.

we left with -- between us: [and i'll definitely shuffle these so you don't know who got what and make some sort of judgement on who has a better taste in 99 cent records]:

u2: joshua tree
david bowie: young americans
xtc: mummer
inxs: listen like thieves
fleetwood mac: rumours
men at work: business as usual
erasure: chains of love
katrina and the waves: walking on sunshine
siouxsie and the banshees: tinderbox
echo and the bunnymen: heaven up here
tears for fears: songs from the big chair

i also won't tell you which one of us eyed: wham! make it big, but left it at the store. i will say she wept a little.


we came back, listened to records. dinged around with laptop.
chuck made chicken curry that was so frigging fantastic that my nose ran. i thought i was joking when i said i was going to lick the pan, but, when he wasn't looking ...


went to fitgers for beer, music, interneting.
went to carmody for beer, music interneting.

a table away, two men were slipping bras -- large bras -- over the top of their shirts.

"those are big bras," i mused to chuck.
i mean, what comes after E in the victoria secret's alphabet, anyway?
i looked at their table.
two braless G-cups were chillin'.
one flashed us.
one said " ... and so my doctor said to apply antibacterial ointment three times a day, so i guess i'll do that."


we stopped at walgreen's on the way home.
easy mac for chuck.
vitamin water and gatorade.

we passed a house party that had been busted. nine under age drinkers, cooing anxiously into cell phones.

we came back to chuck's and listened to fleetwood mac.


Beret said...

Songs From the Big Chair was the first cassette tape I ever owned. I still have it.

I didn't comment earlier but your summer of 1996 post was awesome. (The best part was your mom's quote at the end. Hee.) I had a summer almost exactly like that in 1993. Good times. The summer of 1996 was one of the worst few months of my life. But then came October, a crazy night at a bar, and my whole life changed...

fannie said...

Christina: Fleetwood Mac, Tears For Fears, INXS, Katrina, Erasure? I can't believe you didn't get Wham.

Nick said...

So what model did you decide on? And what was the piece that couldn't run Vista?

Maurey Pierce said...

I freaking LOVE Fleetwood Mac. All of it. Even the bad 80s Fleetwood Mac. SHN got me across the finish line last weekend.

So, whoever picked Fleetwood Mac, that's who has better taste in 99 cent records.

christina said...

b -- i had songs from the big chair, too. i remember the first time i saw the video on mtv. i believe it was around the same time i learned about a very special woman named madonna. i'm glad to hear that 1996 got better for you ...

f -- close, friend. you got two wrong.

n -- i ended up with a cheap acer. it was a not-as-cheap-as-the-cheapest-toshiba that he said wouldn't run vista.

mp -- i'm a big fleetwood fan, too.

chuck said...

I greatly prefer Fleetwood Mac to Easy Mac. That stuff was vile.

christina said...

hmm ... interesting comparison. i will say i can probably live without fleetwood mac, but i'm not sure i can live without easy mac.

with a little more pepper on your easy mac, you'd completely forget you ever heard the song "tusk."

anyone else wanna weigh in?
easy mac vs. fleetwood mac

fannie said...

fleetwood mac, although easy mac, if made exactly right can be quite delicious.

Maurey Pierce said...

I've never had Easy, so I gotta go Fleetwood.

Stevie, Lindsey or Christine?

I have to give Stevie top billing because her voice turns even me on. However, I find myself singing loudest with the Lindsey stuff. Generally more fun/upbeat.

Whiskeymarie said...

First: I have 2 copies of Wham! "Fantastic!" on vinyl.. You can have one if you want. It's no "Make it Big", but hey.

And I have no opinion whatsoever on the great Fleetwood Mac debate.
Except I like Stevie Nick's shoes, usually.

christina said...

oh my. what kind of fan am i? i didn't even know wham! existed beyond "make it big."

i thought that segued immediately into george michael's solo career.

Beret said...

Definitely Fleetwood Mac. If I'm going to do mac and cheese it's going to be the velveeta stuff.

willash said...

I live for Fleetwood Mac.