Monday, July 23, 2007

wherein i lazily make lists ...

went to chuck's.
watch one of the six-eight afi top 100 movies currently crowding his tivo, or go to the roar by the shore?
red lion, it is.
me: i kinda hafta go to the bathroom before we go.
chuck: definitely go here.
me: but there i can go ANYWHERE!
chuck: anywhere is probably preferable to those bathrooms.

first a gin and squirt on his deck.

we walk.
"ugh," chuck says. "for some reason i thought we were going to fitger's."
"oh," i say.
"but we're going much further," he says.

i'm not sure what band we are watching.
doesn't matter anyway. we only hear one song.
"hey," i say. "isn't that the girl from 'low'?"
and for some reason that seems like a funny thing to say.
we both laugh.
"i'm going to start writing down everything i say," i tell myself. "obviously i'm being hilarious today."

i think they say "last call."
[they really said "last song."]
we walk to quinlin's.

quinlin's is okay.
i watch a table of young 20-somethings sing along to a tenacious d song.
i don't mind tenacious d.
but it seems like a cliche to sing it in a bar.
you wouldn't sing, like, "like a surgeon," if it played while you were at the bar. would you?

a girl near the atm has a copy of "portnoy's complaint" hanging out of her purse.
it seems like she maybe did this on purpose.
it seems like maybe it works.
an older man gyrates in front of her.
other men engage her in conversation.

someone has scrawled on the bar's board: how can [qt] be so skinny, but live so fat?"
this cracks me up.
but i guess it is just some beastie boys lyrics.

a man i've not seen in nearly a year asks me something inappropriate.
i say no.
i tell him i need to get back to my boyfriend.
he says "[eff] your boyfriend!"
i'll probably wait another year before i chat with him again.

we walk back to chuck's place.
it takes a long time.
i'm hot. tired. sweaty.
we have a nightcap.
i finish a blog post.
chuck's mac, chanelling a french woman, reads it aloud.
it sounds much better read aloud by a french woman, than read in my head.

i wake quite a bit later than the late hour at which i usually wake.
i eat two orders of chicken nuggets from the dollar menu at wendy's. and a small fry.

i read the final page of the final harry potter book.
it doesn't make sense to me, as i've read no more than 20 pages of any harry potter book.
jcat says: i heard that its all a dream and that harry wakes up beneath the staircase.
fng says: and he's still 11 years old?
jcat says: no. he's 31.
i say: i heard that harry renounces wizardry in favor of catholicism.
a woman to my left has her ears plugged.
she thinks we're going to reveal a spoiler.

i got to chuck's.
we watch 28 days later.

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