Monday, July 16, 2007

my prince and the revolutionary theory ...

during last week's whole "prince" phenomenon in the twin cities, i got a little prince pensive. i've always loved prince in the way that anyone likes a nice blouse, a good beat you can dance to, and jokes about being purified in the waters of lake minnetonka. amid all the hulabaloo, ross raihala of the pioneer press did this great thing on his website "the ross who knew too much," where he asked twin citian celebs or those with ties -- including chuck klosterman -- their favorite prince song and why.

i really wanted someone to say:
my favorite song is "little red corvette. the gear daddies version."

i first loved prince in a very clandestine way. much like i was not allowed to watch "the dukes of hazard" or own madonna's "like a virgin," i was not allowed to own "purple rain" or see the movie. i did not understand why, but one day my friends and i climbed the stairs to the bedroom stephanie flynn shared with her older sister and we listened to "darling nikki" with the understanding that this was the song that i was not supposed to hear. i'm not sure i understood why or what prince meant by grind. and i'm pretty sure that i had no what nikki was four-syllable verbing about with a magazine.

in the 20-something years that have passed, i still like prince despite losing track of stephanie flynn. [not before she could introduce me to the violent femmes, though].

when i'm not being vain and trying to sound pretty, i'll karoake "i wanna be your lover." i'd slow dance with even the sporey-est maggot to the song "purple rain." the song "pope" always reminds me of my friend hank making sweet love to the pool table at the pioneer. sometimes, on a sunny day, i'll crank open my sun roof and sing "little red honda civic" as i cruise the parking lot at the miller hill mall.

prince is good, which brings us to the godfather.

chuck and i watched the godfather on saturday night. i've seen it a trillion times, since my fascination with all things mafia is scary in its similarity to a 3-year-old's love for dinosaurs and doplar radars. i couldn't rip my face away from the screen -- even knowing each nuance of the film. and when it was over i was satisfied and i was all goose bumpy and happy and i couldn't stop thinking about the godfather on sunday.

the godfather, like prince, is good.

so here is my pop culture theory: i do not believe that anyone who has seen the godfather does not like the godfather. i do not believe that anyone who has heard a song by prince does not like prince. at least i've never met anyone who doesn't like both on some level, or at least certainly does not hate either one.

people like prince. people like the godfather.

there are few things in the world that hold such a collective appeal. "everyone likes ice cream," chuck hypothesized while we were eating fried ice cream at mexican lindo on sunday. "i bet more people like ice cream than prince."

"nuh uh," i said. "what about the lactose intollerant?"
"well, they probably still like ice cream," he said.

i'm not sure ice cream can be included on the list of things that are universally loved.

there are things that i like that i realize at least half the people in the world do not like: super potato oles, buffy the vampire slayer, the smell of gasoline. this american life, the writings of chuck palahniuk, tank tops. roller coasters, suave shampoo, the smooth stylings of robert smith.

but two things i like -- the godfather and prince -- are things that everyone likes. and i'm wondering what else exists that everyone likes. and i'm wondering if i'm wrong. that somewhere someone doesn't like prince or doesn't like the godfather and has a valid reason for not like these things.


dd0031 said...

I like Prince way more than ice crea.

Whiskeymarie said...

I like the godfather and Prince, but not in any emotionally-charged sort of way.
I think I have much stronger feelings of love for potato oles, roller coasters and Chuck Palahniuk.

Though I could listen to the "Purple Rain" soundtrack for 24 hours straight and probably not get sick of it. Ever.

jimmyZ said...

Everyone likes tank-tops!

Miss Kate said...

I actually don't like "The Godfather". Or "The Sopranos" even though I kept watching 'til the end. Or the Mafia, period.

But I do like Princes. Especially slow dancing to "Purple Rain".