Friday, July 20, 2007

kudos, pretty dentist ...

my molar-fixing appointment was at this wicked thing called 8 a.m., an hour i wasn't sure existed until yesterday morning. i mean, there had been evidence that things happened at this time: trucks driving backward in the central hillside with that inane beeping; construction on the fourth-street condos; old central ticking off the seconds of my life in 15 minute increments.

me? i'd been awake until 3:30 a.m., lazily watching depeche mode: 101 -- a documentary of a late-80s tour and some funky depeche mode fans who won a ticket to follow the band in their own tour bus for two weeks. i watched this movie so many times in high school that, sitting there wednesday night, i was able to catch certain cues and know: david gahan is going to do something sexy, right .... NOW! and sure enough he does this leg kick, and spins himself silly while singing "master and servent." or he busts out the lyrics to "love is the drug" by brian ferry and roxy music while playing pinball during some down time. martin gore wanders around shirtless, wearing leather shorts and carrying a guitar.

now, 13 years removed from high school, i see things i didn't see before:
david gahan is a prima dona? and i think he's lying about the time he beat up a cab driver.
and martin gore? oh. he's gay!
who knew?

i'd also been caught up in one of those semi-chick-litty pieces of fiction that fill me with self-loathing when i finish them in two sittings. but when i'd left off, there had been a suicide attempt and so i had to forge ahead. ...

the important thing: sweet jesus! i finished a book! that hasn't happened in a year. i mean, despite fantastic regularity, i probably won't finish "endless love" until 2012 at this rate.


my dentist was pretty, and first i found this unsettling. then i found it unsettling that i found it unsettling. i think it is because i'd rather have some sort of ogre digging around in my mouth. i didn't want to subject my nonflossed, coffee stained potty mouth to someone attractive and, i believe, younger than me.

when she told me that she was from southwestern minnesota i felt better. i've seen southwestern minnesota, since it butts up against southeastern minnesota. southwestern minnesota is corn fields, street dances, barn parties and letter jackets. i'll let that look in my mouth. even recreationally.

she made me a fantastic new tooth that doesn't feel like someone plopped a hard wad of hubba bubba in the back of my mouth. i like that in a tooth. last time i had that tooth rebuilt, my doctor damn near poured a concrete slab back there and eating anything more than strained carrots felt awkward.

kudos, pretty dentist!

my tongue, on the other hand, felt like it had been injected with saline. when i left, i wanted coffee, but sensed that instead of drinking it, i'd be drooling it. so i took a nap instead.

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