Thursday, July 19, 2007

he's an easy rider [he'll get a hold on you, believe it] ...

setting: opening scenes of "easy rider" last night

chuck: i'm cultivating my peter fonda look.
me: which one's peter fonda?
me: oh!

me: you're doing a bang-up job.


chuck said...

I figure that after about four more weeks of hair/muttonchop-growing and one trip to the sunglasses kiosk at the Spirit Valley Days sidewalk sale, I'll pretty much have it down.

Fannie said...

he needs less teeth clenching and more of an arched upper lip. please re-shoot. thanks.

Miss Kate said...

Ohmigod, I LOVE Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider". The detached and intellectual rebel. Rrrreow. I used to watch it weekly in my mid-20's.