Tuesday, July 3, 2007

eight is enough ...

i've been tagged again by someone in the big bad blogger girl posse. eight things about me. i'm going to try not to mention the words "urinary tract" or "toonses" or "chef yee's."

1. Post the rules, then list eight things about yourself.
2. At the end of the post, tag and link to eight other people.
3. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they've been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.

when i was in whatever grade that is that you do such things, i became a crossing guard to ensure a safe trip to and home from school for my schoolmates who lived within walking distance of st. piux x grade school. favorite activities included: helping cute boys cross the street; hanging up and yanking down the american flag. on more than one occasion, i hung the flag upside down.

i joined the crossing guards later in the school year, after there had been some defectors. this did not impress my mean and bossy friend allison, who thought that crossing guards were nerds. i joined because i wanted to go to the end-of-the-year twins game. at that twins game, i sat next to a boy named eric who went to public school. hoover elementary, i believe. he had very dark eyebrows and we definitely hit it off. sometimes, after that, we would talk on the phone. but we never ever saw each other again. i miss you, eric.

one of my favorite questions to answer about myself is this: what is the first cd you ever bought? because my answer is really cool. the smiths greatest hits vol. 2. reel around the fountain. bigmouth strikes again. last night i dreamt that somebody loved me. i could go on. i believe this answer says a lot of really good things about me.

i generally cannot stomach any food until about 4 p.m. this is not as unhealthy and radical as it sounds because i don't usually wake until noon or noon thirty.

i recently purchased my first piece of victoria's secret sleepware. this is why: one night i fell asleep in this pretty-pretty flowing tank top from express. it is made of fabric that makes me want to walk around rubbing my own back. chaz said the word "nightie" which really is a hilarious moment in the english dictionary. soonafter, we began watching mary hartman, mary hartman on dvd and in the first three episodes, the loretta character bounces around in a red nightie singing into a fake microphone.

so, readers, i bought myself a seafoam puddle of nightie.
i believe that this garment itself has more estrogen than me. it is quite girlie.

my friend pucci is in town for a few days. this means that last night i spent eight hours at pizza luce and ended up spending about 67 dollars before tipping my waiter. some of this was pizza. some was cigarettes. some was beer. at one point in the night, pucci said: is it a small world, or am i just a slut? this was the funniest thing i'd heard in days. [answer: it's a small world.] in the meantime, i ran into about 100 people i know, effectively convincing pucci that since i left rochester, i've become quite popular. trickery is good.

chuck and i had lunch with my parents at gordie's high hat yesterday afternoon. i had a bacon cheeseburger that was kind of gross-ish and rued the fact that i didn't order cheese curds. the parents pista were returning from a weekend at a friend's cabin on lake vermillion. while shopping in ely, my mom was talking to my brother on the phone and he told her that they had just bought a pug dog.

so my mom bought him a special magnent: a lifesized pug magnent.

this has me in hysterics. because if i know my mom, brother pista is now going to receive all sorts of pug-related gifts from places like ely. he will never get a nonpug related gift for the rest of the dog's life. my neice will probably be treated in a similar manner.

at lunch my dad made up a joke: what do you call a woodtick without legs?
no answer.
"scooter," he said and collapsed into giggle convulsions for about 10 minutes, which was way funnier than the answer scooter.
turns out he made this joke up.

for six weeks in the spring i taught a memoir-writing class to a group of people who were mostly retired. i absolutely looooooved it and want to do it again someday but do it better. i always drove back to duluth afterward on a little life high.

things that i'm really into lately:
1. power c vitamin water
2. avacados
3. season four of felicity
4. the swedish band camera obscura
5. gas station string cheese
6. fruit flies

i'm tagging: some guy, oh roo, those who dig,

and nonbloggers who will be forced to respond in my comments:
f. scottie


Whiskeymarie said...

Ooh, I was a crossing guard too. it turned out to be a lame-ass unpaid job, far as I could tell. But I did feel superior to my non-crossing guard classmates.

I love Gordy's. Not because I think the food is good. I just like the idea of Gordy's I guess.
That and the best mini golf ever across the street.

Beret said...

Ooooh! My parents live near Gordy's and come August 3rd or so I'll be hanging out there most nights (my husband and daughter love the disgusting greasy food there. I like the fish sandwich that's way too big to eat in one serving but somehow I finish the entire thing).

I was a crossing guard at Congdon Elementary in Duluth. I was the only "busser" chosen to be one and becauseI took a bus home I got stuck with "noon duty" which allowed me to get out of class to go cross Kindergarteners across the street for afternoon Kindergarten.

I've been loving avocados too. I ate one for lunch everyday for a couple weeks. I had to give them up though because I decided to start watching my caloric/fat intake and WOW. They have a lot of both.

feistyMNgirl said...

at Gordy's the cheese curds are pretty damn good, but the onion rings are better.

i'm with you on the power-C

my felicity obsession flared a bit in NYC, we passed a dean and deluca, and i imagined if we went inside, i'd find javier flailing about, and felicity/ben deep in conversation at a table, and noel, brilliant noel, simply standing in the corner waiting for me to jump his bones....

mage2001 said...

hmm... not going to repaste the rules since its on your blog.
8 thing,eh? k...
- I have never been tagged... and its weird that I have been now. simply because I don't have a blog. I didn't think that was possible, leave it to pista to make it happen.
- I have a turtle tattoo on the top of my foot, green and yellow, and about an inch big, and no despite what "they" say, it didn't hurt. I had it done in chicago on a girls weekend. A turtle is a symbol for strength and wisdom... which is what I need most days. In some native american cultures there are legends of the world held on the turtle's back... hence the turtle on my foot - helps me up.
- my mom passed away from cancer when I was 24 years old... She was first diagnosed with cancer when I was 5. We were extremely lucky to have her that long. and I think about her every. single. day. most of the time they are regular memories, other times deep heart constricting feelings about what she has missed since she passed away and how we have missed her experiencing regular mundane life things with us.
- I took spanish (5years) and german (2.5 years) in high school... I can understand german to a certain degree - but certainly can not speak it that qualifies as well. The Spanish helps when I supervise construction job sites.
- I played soccer one year when I was in 5th grade, it was a co ed soccer team, my brother was one of my teammates, and my dad was the coach. My dad had never played soccer. He learned the game from a book. We went to playoffs that first year, I think it shocked the hell out of him. My dad kept coaching, the team didn't go to playoffs again until 6 years later. He quit being a coach after that. I some times wonder if we hadn't gone to playoffs that 1st year - if he would have coached for so long...
- I absolutely positively hate hot tubs. We used to have one in our house, I would have to drain it and freaking clean the thing. It was absolutely disgusting, like week old bathwater that boiled and bubbled, ew. And the worst part was that bubbles that were created - stayed. There was always a bubbly film on/in the water. I now know it was from the bromine disinfectant (you can either use bromine or chlorine - my idea - never use bromine - it stinks worse than chlorine), it completely ruined hot tubs for me. Blech.
- I am a good massuese. A natural talent i found that I had in high school. Our dog had arthritis and would have cramps in his legs. He could barely walk sometimes - I would work on the muscles for a while, and he would get up and walk about like no big deal. I would also massage my moms feet - they had nerve damage from the chemo therapy, and having them massaged was the only way to make them stop tingling for more than two minutes.
- I some times make stuff up to see if people will believe me. Its entertaining for me... to see if I can tell people something and have them believe me. Once I have them totally believing me - I do tell them that I have just told them a bunch of crap. My husband does this too. it's rare that he can pull one on me - but he does it almost daily. I don't, and I get one by him on a regular basis.

there you go - highly interesting - only to you Christa, I am sure.


christina said...

i've never had the fish sandwich, but that is usually the thing i'm craving when i don't go there. i still need to try it.

i'm beginning to loathe ben. i didn't know it was possible. typically i like hot people.

thanks, magE! interesting stuff!

christina said...

f scottie is making me post his eight things b/c he "couldn't figure out how to comment."

1.) I sometimes make fun of people of whom I am secretly jealous. Example: In college, I mocked those who drove Daddy's Acura and used Mommy's credit card. But deep inside, I wanted to be one of them. (Please note: This does not mean that if I make fun of someone, I am jealous of them. I am fairly non-discriminatory with my mockery).

2.) I was a vegetarian during my teenage years. I objected to meat because of its environmental consequences, like cutting down the rainforest to make room for beef cattle. I quit because I was being really unhealthy. I still think meat is bad for the environment, but I guess I am too selfish to care. Check that - too selfish to care enough to do anything about it.

3.) My trajectory of desired careers goes like this:
7th grade: Fish and Game Warden
10th grade: Museum curator/Egyptologist
11th grade: Zoologist
Junior year of college: Reporter
Now: Environmental lawyer?

4.) For health reasons, I forced myself to drink V8. I hated the flavor. Now I kind of like it. I am like that with broccoli, tea and prunes.

5.) If I deleted all the numbers I never call from my cell phone, I would have about 12 numbers left. Maybe ten.

6.) The people from high school I still wish I talked to don't return my calls. The only people from that era who call me are people whose friendship I'd just as soon let fade away.

7.) I don't like a lot of my relatives. This makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me.

8.) I don't like my first name.

fannie said...

can you save us all some time and do my 8 things for me?

fannie said...

if not, i'll think about it at DL and get back to you. p.s. i met someone tonight who knows eric nordmeier, and calls him mustard crotch

Eric said...

Who knows someone who calls me "mustard crotch"?!?

Well, I guess the "y" saves me.

Eric Nordmeyer