Sunday, July 29, 2007

dirty diana ...

my friend pucci is moving from rochester to ohio very soon, and sent me a cd filled with photos she had taken from my 30th birthday party [nearly two years ago] and her recent visit to duluth.

in honor of keeping with my life mission to only post unflattering photos of myself, let me bombard you with my image. i want you to see my image in your sleep tonite. i want my image to haunt you in dark alleys.

having a friend who is a photographer has made certain events in my life make me feel A LOT like princess diana, and what makes our link even MORE uncanny is that princess diana died on my birthday.

effing paparazzi.

from my 30th birthday:

me and chavez

me and hank: a romantic montage. please hum "pope" by prince to yourself as you view this series.

and then here fannie seems to suggest, with her eyes, that hank is an online predator

while living in rochester, fannie and i frequented the smiling moose. so did these two guys. we called them, affectionately, "the nerd herd." they called us, affectionately, "frick and frack." when they got to my party, they accidentally gave my birthday card to fannie, thinking they'd driven 70 miles to celebrate her 30th. when the truth was revealed, they did not leave thankfully.

which brings us to pucci's trip to duluth
we hiked. it was funny.

then we hung out on chuck's deck

we ended up at quinlan's later in the night. here we are waiting for a cab to ferry us toward chuck's house, a frozen pizza and an episode of nip/tuck.

i believe, if i am not mistaken, pucci took two meals in four days at the crap factory. chuck and i joined her for one of those. you can tell by the look on my face that i'm hankering for a bean and rice burrito, hold the rice.

the next day pucci and i went to the beach:

doh! now i have the camera!


Whiskeymarie said...

I love the Quinlan's photos.
I have had, possibly, one or MAYBE two nights like that myself and have stood out on the street doing the exact same thing.

fannie said...

i was under the impression these were unflattering photos of you...not me. :)

christina said...

oh, fannie. tu es bonita.

when i was looking at those photos i thought: "hmm. i'm wearing earrings. obviously fanster dressed me."