Friday, June 29, 2007

most of my waking hours (a pictoral from wednesday) ...

on wednesday, i decided to take a pictoral account of my day from noon until 11 p.m. when i got bored of the project. i give you: "my waking hours."

noon. what i see during my first cigarette.

1 p.m. chuck launches starship aggregator.

2 p.m. coffee and the new yorker summer fiction issue. this is the only issue i actually read, instead of just looking at the cartoons. that means it costs about 80 dollars.

3 p.m. my lunch. which is a decisive separation from the "i rescued a kitten from the taco bell dumpster" fare i with which i used to clog my innards.

4 p.m. oprah ... almost. nah. inline skating. less weeping.

5 p.m.
munger trail. gratiutious sports bra shot. we can address my translucent blue stomach skin in late july.

6 p.m. maintainance light has been on for nearly a year now. the seat light belt? 16 years.

7 p.m. i'm going to write about TOOTHPASTE on my BLOG!

8ish p.m. a little frozen pizza din din

9 p.m. by my fourth piece, i've solved the csi-new york mystery

10 p.m. i prove to be mechanically inclined by outsmarting ikea for jcrew's new dining room concept

11 p.m. i put the finishing touches on a rhubarb pie and learn that sugar+rhubarb=liquid


feistyMNgirl said...

fun post. wait, you made pie?

a real pie?

i tried once; seemed the most complicated thing to bake in the world.

Maurey Pierce said...

I'm impressed with the pie-making. I never have the patience to make a crust, and always just pie a trans-fat-laden Keebler one.

I'm ashamed to say that, as a Western-dweller, I don't even know where the North Pole bar IS. I'm certain, however, that it was good people-watching!

Flee said...

Forget about the translucents.... your tummy looks Ti-EEEE- ght! Work it mama.

Whiskeymarie said...

For a Wed, that's a lot o' stuff, considering you very often do more AFTER 11:00 p.m. than many of us do in a day.
Nice avocado.

christina said...

disclaimer: i did not "make" the crust. i unrolled the crust. i did make those little ridgy things though. weeeeee!

amy a. said...

did you have a big ball of mozzarella for lunch with the avocado?

christina said...

well, amy a., yes. but there were some tomatos and black olives involved, too.