Monday, June 4, 2007

if that's just borderline ...

i had two voicemail messages. the first:
"hey christa. this is ron. give me a call back."
the second:
"hey christa. i'm not trying to bother you, but give me a call back."

ron, who?

i return the phone call. he's on the other line, but quickly ditches the other caller.

"this is ron," he says.
"um. this is christa. you called me?"
"yeah. so," he says.
"what do you want?" i ask.
"this is ron," he says.
"do i know you?" i ask.
"yeah," he says.
"how?" i ask.
"um. you gave me your number," he says.
"i doubt that," i say. "and if i did, it was years ago."
"years ago," he snorts. "hardly."
"where did we meet?" i ask.
"um. i don't know. we probably danced together or something," he says.
"i doubt that very much," i say.
"hm," he says.
"so. what do you want?" i ask.
"are you single?" he asks.
"no," i say.
"you aren't single?" he asks.
"no," i say. "can we be done here?"

later i called my landlord to ask him who ron is. i told him the whole story, ending with the "are you single."

"he didn't even know how he knew you and he wanted to know if you were single?" landlord asked.
"uh huh," i said.
"well that's ... that's borderline pathetic," he said.


whiskeymarie said...

I thought with the internet & all that no one "random called" anymore.

Ron needs an online dating service-

viciousrumours said...

I had a guy come up to me once at a party and tell me he remembered sleeping with me in 1985. I nodded and smiled politely and said, "Wow, that's amazing. You must be pretty good."

He got cocky,"You know it baby. I bet you still remember me, don't you?"

At this point I'm trying not to laugh, "Well, no. But I'm sure I would remember you if you had managed to sleep with me at a party in North Dakota while I was in NEW ORLEANS...."

He at least had the good sense to look embarassed. A friend of mine later told me that he had actually used that line on other women at parties, hoping they would be to drunk to think about it. How sad.

thethinker said...

That is kind of pathetic. Poor guy.