Thursday, May 10, 2007

this summer i'm going to be addicted to ...

the killers: "read my mind"

*this song makes me as happy as "just like heaven" by the cure. if it is administered at least twice daily, i'll be sickeningly chipper for the rest of my life.

*QUESTION: i'm in search of great songs for a summer mix. so far it must include a song by camera obscura, ben kweller and i'm from barcelona. what is on your windows down, sing along mix?


Anonymous said...

i took a break from my thrilling women's studies paper to have a go at your summer song idea
1. i get around - beach boys
2. good vibrations - beach boys
3. sloop john b - beach boys
4. good day sunshine - beatles
5. that'll be the day - buddy holly
6. lovefool - cardigans
7. hey now now - cloud room
8. people are strange - echo & the bunnymen
9. 99 red balloons - goldfinger
10. lust for life - iggy pop
11. club foot - kasabian
12. nobody does it better - radiohead/carly simon
13. australia - the shins
14. atomic - sleeper
15. c'mon c'mon - von bondies
16. singin' in the rain - whatever dead guy sings it
17. surf wax america - weezer
18. the late greats - wilco
that's a bit of my summer playlist. you can stick your ben kweller up your ass.
-orphan?? (i'm not a doctor but i think thats my ultra secret blog code name)

christina said...

yeah. thanks for your input. ben kweller is reeling in my ass as we speak.

Princess Wendy said...

I just discovered how much I love the Cold War Kids. Ok, so I only know 2 songs. But I hear them and say, "I love this! Who is this?!" And then Lisa on the Current 89.3 tells me: Cold War Kids.

feistyMNgirl said...

on my current "summer" upbeat mix (if you can call what is happening in Duluth SUMMER)

Massive NIghts - The Hold Steady
Middle of Nowhere- HOt Hot Heat
Laid - James
girlshapedlovedrug - Gomez
Back Together - Citizen Cope
Undercover - Pete Yorn
One Horse Town - The THrills
Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
Dancing Shoes - Arctic Monkeys

PS i didn't NEED another blog to regularly read, but thanks for being so clever i bookmarked you.