Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the cat ate my blog post ...

i've latched myself like a bloodsucker onto chuck's excessive amount of vacation time. much drinking: wednesday night at twin's bar; thursday with my head under a pillow ruing sunlight like the rest of the starlets; friday night at carmody where nearly every customer had bent themselves somewhere south of fluent in basic english. while chuck slept, i stole into his living room with a wheel of brie and some episodes of grey's anatomy that i tricked him into tivo'ing by telling him the show was about a sassy girl detective from neptune, calif.

on saturday i rued my own spleen.

sunday night i kicked off my favorite duluth week at pizza luce to the tune of $2 cans of pabst and a pack of cigarettes. today i slept until my hair stopped hurting.

there have been other things: we've been al fresco three times -- twice in restaurants. saturday brunch of scrambled eggs and raspberry jam at chester creek cafe; sunday a pear, prescutto and goat cheese panini at va bene. coffee and the WWE on his deck.

we've walked through chester bowl and adjacent to the lake walk. one night i let him carry my grocery basket through cub foods and teach me about curry gravy. tonight involves a couch.

meanwhile, my bloggery has been neglected in favor of burritos from the crap factory, pizza and cheesebread from bulldog and avoidance of any instrument that displays central standard time.


Miss B said...

What's the Crap Factory?

christina said...

burrito union.

Miss B said...

Burrito Union? I've been gone from Duluth for too long.

christina said...

for your duluth-missing pleasure:


it is in a convenient (for me) location and last night i lapped up nachos like i'd never seen a black bean before. i think i've been there 4-5 times now in less than a month.