Wednesday, April 25, 2007

top things overheard ...

everytime i'm at the chalet, the same guy hits on me. first he asks what i'm reading from across the bar. then he sidles in next to me. then he says something like: i layed the carpeting in here. if you can find a seam, i'll buy you a beer. i did a real nice job. i bet you can't find a seam.

i never take him up on this, as i'm not one to necessarily get trashed alone in hermantown while doing laundry.

tonight, soonafter i'd walked into the laundry room, this guy came in with a woman. i didn't even have to look at him to know who it was.

"see. there's the butt of it right there and you can't even tell."
"wow! you can't! no seams at all!"
"over here you can kinda tell where there is some water damage."
"ohhh that's not that bad."
"but it wasn't my fault. it was bad carpeting...."

he continued to tour his seamless work for the next ten minutes. later, they were nuzzling at the bar. he left me alone.

but. there was enough other action to go around. i give you: top things over heard or said to me tonite at the chalet:

[in no specific order. these are all gems]

my grandma was a real bitch. she tried to abort my father with a [indiscernable] iron.

the best book i ever read? jaws. and that was when i was all stoned out during the 1970s.

i rode my bike here. can you believe that? riding home? i've done it. it's just a couple of miles up there. but hammered? at my age? i'm gonna throw it in the back of their truck.

you'r a good lookin' girl. course you stood out more on the range where there were fewer women.

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whiskeymarie said...

Last time I was at the Chalet was for an "all you can eat fish fry".
Love me some Chalet.

I didn't even notice the carpet, poor guy.