Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the drought ...

christ has blogging gotten boring lately. luckily, chuck and i are going to drink 40s tonight so you don't have to hear about how suddenly i'm in the early stages of becoming a serious sleepwalker. i'm currently a sleep talker and a bit of a sleep-consumer-of-a-half-a-can-of-black-olives wake-with-a-salty-fork-in-my-mouth sort of gal.

i think this will be an interesting new development for my life. i eagerly anticipate waking for the first time splayed on the on my living room floor with my head in a bucket of kfc spicy chicken popcorn. granted, i'm going to have to start hiding my car keys and locking up mapquest so i don't wake up in the crotch of a tree somewhere near the canadian border. or any crotch anywhere for that matter.

and from the "god i'm super funny" files:

chuck: i just gave you a taste of your own medicine.
me: hmmm ... it tasted like chicken.


Maurey Pierce said...

My pal Y sleepwalked in her youth. Her dad caught her in the kitchen with her hand in the knife drawer, muttering "I have something for mom."

I guess your most primal urges will come out. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

Except that it's not at all funny... I appreciate that you two delight each other, but how about throwing the rest of us a bone?

-- Tampa