Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a bear in dere ...

last night around midnight i saw two bears bumbling along on the lawn of city hall. seriously. it took an entire drag of my cigarette for my brain to realize that i was standing in downtown duluth looking at a bear and its cub. on the lawn. of city hall. i sprinted inside, up the steps and yelled: bears! city hall! lawn! and it was like someone hit the eject button on my friends' stools. everyone scrambled to the window. i fumbled in my purse for my camera phone and raced back outside.

i think i scared them with my spastic activity.

they kind of sauntered away when i stood in the middle of the street trying to capture dark images in the dark on a bad camera.

blitz, an amateur picture maker, came out with a camera with a lense the size of a telescope. jcat and ryeguy followed. we walked up the steps in single file like a scene out of alien, trying to follow them. but they went west and we were going north ...

i headed toward the giant fountain, thinking that if i was a bear, i'd head toward water. jcat and ryeguy got bored and left the hunt. blitz and i continued to peek into bushes.

i was purposely being a little loud so i didn't get my face ripped off. that's no way to go.

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