Thursday, March 15, 2007

the things i carry ...

yesterday, very briefly, i misplaced approximately 45 pounds of my stuff. a black duffel bag on roller blade wheels packed with five days worth of abercrombie and express and gap, a straightning iron, an electric toothbrush, running shoes.

a proper amount of polite panic was expressed by everyone but me.

i had my laptop, cell phone, identification and money in a backpack affixed to my body. also affixed to my body: stocking cap, black gap turtleneck, zip sweatshirt i found at the pioneer, jcrew cords circa 2003ish, boots, white fleece.

losing this bag suggested inconvenience. but with a scissors, soap and creativity, i figured i could make do. i would have to buy a toothbrush. despite my pretty solid plan B, i looked for the bag anyway and found it. wheeled it to safety. contents intact, although i realized i forgot my flip flops and that was the most angst i had all day.

later, when i was asked if i'd found my stuff, i was like: huh? oh. yeah.

i can't decide if this means i am extremely low maintanance. or maybe i welcome adversity. maybe i wanted to turn these cords into shorts. or maybe all of this is just really, really sad.

i travel and live pretty light. i don't really have stuff. no ipod, no flat screen tv, no sidekick. and the stuff i do have, i could take or leave. sometimes i wander through my apartment and fantacize about ditching all of it. cruising out of apartment 2 at 90 miles per hour, settling somewhere new as soon as my car breaks down or i hit an ocean.

the old tv, the laptop with more viruses than the dumpster behind st. luke's, the three disc cd changer and the blow dryer.

granted, toonser would probably try to tackle me at the door. caress my head with his little paw and mew "love me" into my ear. but its time for him to establish a little independence anyway.


Anonymous said...

Pulling up stakes and moving to the first town your car breaks down in isn't as glamorous as it seems, trust me. Of course, my car broke down in the same town I was trying to leave.

Fannie said...

judging by the number of layers you were wearing and your material belongings, you may just be one step from homeless! :)

vixen said...

Be careful what you wish for. One of my friends (originally from the deep south) broke down in Sturgis, S.D., and ended up living there for two years. That's two years without a decent mall or restaurant, and two annual cycles of bikers peeing on his lawn.

whiskeymarie said...

I've got it all planned: If I ditch out & leave it all behind I'm going to be a waitress at a diner somewhere desert-y, like "Alice".
It seemed to work for her.
Vera & Flo seemed cool, and Mel just needed a good hand job to help him mellow out.
That, or I'll join the CIA.