Saturday, March 17, 2007

snow bunnies ...

two men were wrestling in the snow. it looked like friendly fire. the kind of frivolity that happens after a few pitchers of beer and fresh powder and years of friendship. they spun and rolled and tugged and smashed each other's faces into the drifts and a shirt came up over a head, exposing a hairy beer belly and there were ass cracks everywhere.

that's when the police showed up. three policemen tried to rip the men apart. but if you've ever tried to break up mating dogs, you've probably had better luck. eventually they got them separated, but one was a bit more frisky -- kicking and shouting and so they tossed him around a bit. the other guy seemed to disappear.

by now i had my nose pressed up against the window. i was chomping on an orange in the front row.

they threw him onto a bench. then they cuffed him. then they led him to the back of the police car and he yelled and swore the whole time.

"what time does this place close?" i asked someone.
he shrugged.
"what time does this place close?" i asked someone else.
he shrugged too.
"what time does this place close?" i asked another guy.
"what time is it now?" he asked.
"2:11 a.m.," i said.
"hmm. ... in awhile," he said.
"can you be more specific?" i asked.
"just in awhile," he said.

later we were talking about the incident with the men and the police.
"i got it all right here," i said, pulling out my camera phone. "the whole thing is documented."

"that's sick," he said. "let me see."

he looked pretty disappointed. i never said i was a good photographer. later i realized he had been looking at photos of the john mayer concert.

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Debby said...

Ok, that's hilarious.