Sunday, March 25, 2007

cheese (product) whiz ...

today premenstral syndrome and double duty hangover required:

fish sandwich from mcdonalds
drinkable cheese

it was the drinkable cheese that was the more pronounced craving. i wanted to blow bubbles in it with a straw. i wanted to mash my face in a bowl of microwaved cheese product. i wanted to coat my tonsils with it. i wanted it to slosh in my belly when i walked. i wanted it to squirt out of my nose when i laughed. i wanted to lap it off lime flavored tortilla chips and out of my fingernails. i wanted a neon orange cheese mustache.

not brie, not moz, not even cheddar or swiss. just the fake stuff. i needed a jar of glorified cheese whiz. or long strings of squeezy cheese aimed at my esophogus.

i wanted something, anything, con queso.
and then i got it and it was good.

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